1. Installation

npm install notix-rn

2. Import

import * as Notix from 'notix-rn';

Push notifications setup

Call Notix.Notification.init using your notixAppId and notixToken. These credentials can be found on the page of your In-App Android source

Notix.Notification.init(/* your notixAppId */, /* your notixToken */);

Run the app and send your first notification!

Interstitial setup

Create a loader that will be accessible throughout your app and call startLoading():

let interstitialLoader: Notix.InterstitialLoader;
interstitialLoader = await Notix.Interstitial.createLoader(/* your zoneId*/);

At the show site get InterstitialData instance from the loader and pass it to

try {
    var interstitialData = await;
} catch (Exception) {
    /* handle exception */

You do not need to manage the loader yourself. It does its best effort to load and cache exactly 3 entries.

Further steps

For additional settings please visit this page